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Sparkle Creations by Tyyon, Strass Shoes, Wedding Shoes Milwaukee



 Frequently Asked Questions



What is strassing?

Strassing is the art of covering shoes or most any object completely (well not always completely) with Swarovski crystals. The process is very time consuming but the end result is simply breathtaking.

So, how does this work?

It’s pretty simple. If you have a pair of shoes (or any item) you’d like to have strassed, email me or give give me a call with a picture and your budget amount. If you are comfortable with the quote, you would then bring in or send your shoes/item to my strass boutique along with a deposit of half down. In 4-6 weeks I will have your shoes (item) completed, you'd then just pay the balance. I'd then ship the shoes back to you or you can make an appointment to pick them up from my boutique. That's it! 

What kind of shoes can be strassed?

Christian Louboutin (red bottoms) has lead the fashion world with crystallized versions of his shoes but almost any shoe can be strassed. Leather, patent leather and satin finishes are great for strassing. Suede is difficult to strass but can be done for an additional charge. Also bear in mind the design of the shoe. If there are multiple areas where straps cross, there is a danger of the crystals being worn off. If you are not sure your shoes can be strassed, email me a picture and I can determine if your shoes are strassable.

Are my shoes safe with you?

Definitely! Once your shoes (item) arrive at my shop I guarantee their safety. I never display customer shoes on my showroom floor and they are locked up if I am not working on them. If your shoes are lost or stolen while in my possession I will refund the fair market value of your shoes. Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for shoes that are lost or any other mishaps before they reach my boutique. I strongly suggest you ship your shoes to me insured with a signature required. You may also want to mark your shoes in an inconspicuous spot, just for your own peace of mind.

 What type of crystals do you use?

I use Swarovski or Czech Preciosa crystals. I only purchase my crystals from authorized Swarovski/ Czech Preciosa resellers...not Ebay. By doing so, you are guaranteed the most stunning, sparkling shoes possible. Swarovski and Preciosa crystals come in a dazzling array of colors and special finishes, There are literally hundreds of options of crystals to choose from.

By special request, I can strass your shoes or item using less expensive high quality glass crytals. Please understand you will not get the same sparkle effect as using Swarovski or Czech Preciosa crystals and they may not be as durable but they do sparkle!

Can you send me pictures and/or updates while working on my shoes?

Of course! Just let me know if you'd like pictures and updates. I can even make an 30-60 second YouTube video of your shoes once they are completed for you to share with family and friends. The YouTube video option is a FREE service, some restrictions apply.

What is the difference between Crystal and Crystal AB (Aurora Borealis)                    

Crystal (often known as Crystal Clear) is completely colorless...think of a diamond. Crystal Crystal AB, has an added coating which reflects many different a rainbow! :-)

What if my shoe color is not the color of the crystals I want?

No problem! For an additional charge, I can paint the shoes to better match your crystal choice. Because the crystals are round, the base color of the shoe will show through now matter how close the crystals are placed together. Example: If your shoes are black and you want them strassed with Crystal AB  and want the shoe to look amazing, I suggest having your shoes painted a lighter color to better match the crystals minimize the look of gaping.

I've noticed custom strassed shoes seem to have more crystals than those done by Christian Louboutin and other luxury designers, why is that?

Well...I can only speak for myself but when I custom strass a pair of shoes, I place the crystals closer together and I use a lot more crystals than most luxury shoe designers which give the shoes I strass a full encrusted jeweled look. I also have a few other secrets that make my strass designs stand out from most other strass artists. With my technique, you get a lot more sparkle and a true custom creation at up to 60% less! :-)

How long will it take to get my shoes back?

I currently have a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks. Time starts once your shoes arrive here to my boutique. Sometimes it may take longer depending on who's ahead of you. I also tend to get busier during wedding and holiday seasons. If you are in the Milwaukee, WI, the turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks if no one is ahead of you.

Do you accommodate rush orders?

Please keep in mind that placing each crystal individually by hand is a very time consuming process. I consider each pair of shoes I strass a work of art. I do not like to stress myself out, nor do I think it is fair to put a customer on the back burner because for a rush order. On very rare occasions, I will consider a rush order but it will be at a premium price. My advise is to plan accordingly. You may also inquire about my pre-strassed collection. I try to keep a few pair of pre strassed shoes in Crystal and AB of average shoe sizes here at my boutique. Rush shipping is available with my pre-strassed Tyyon collection.

Will crystals fall off my strass shoes?

lf you take care to not bump or drop your shoes, you should have very minimum crystal loss. As with any strass project, you may lose a crystal here and there...just the nature of the beast. I do include extra crystals with most orders. If you feel an extraordinary amount of crystals are falling off, please contact me and we will work out a solution if I feel that there was no abuse to the shoes.

Strassing seems expensive, how is your service a deal?

Having a pair of shoes strassed is expensive and I do understand that my service is not for everyone. As a professional strass designer, I can help you get the same $3,000-$6,395 Christian Louboutin Strass shoes that Beyonce and other stars wear at up to 60% less using the exact same shoes, the exact same crystals, and the exact same adhesives. You'll also have access to more color options which help make your strass shoes (item) a true work of sparkling art. Again, with a full shoe strass, I do tend to use more crystals placed closer together than most luxury designers. If you are on a budget, other options are available. Please contact me if you have questions.

What’s included in the price?

Included is my labor, crystals (basic colors) and other supplies. You must bring in or ship your shoes to me. You are paying for my strass service only. Shoes are NOT included

What’s not included in the price

What is not included are the shoes, color matching, processing fees (depending on payment method) and return postage. AB/Special Effect colors are and additional $100-$300+

Shoes will need to be shipped to me or you may bring them in to my boutique. Of course if you buy a pair of pre-strassed shoes from my boutique, the shoes are included in the price however, pre-strassed shoes are also a final sale.

Can I send in my own crystals for you to strass my shoes with?

I no longer allow clients to send in their own crystals. The reason is most clients tend to greatly underestimate the number of crystals and sizes needed for their project. When this happens, it slows down the entire process and usually add to the cost of the project. 

Can I contact you with my DIY questions?

Sorry, I no longer answer DIY questions. Most DIY questions can be answered with a little research via Google and/or Youtube.

What is your refund policy?

Because the shoes (and all other Items I strass) are custom created just for you, all sales are final/no exchanges. Please make sure you like the fit of your shoe before sending or bringing them to me. If you buy from a retailer and have the shoe shipped directly to me, you are incurring the risk the shoes may not fit or any other mishaps which may occur before your shoes reach my boutique. If a problem does arise, I will work with you as much as possible to rectify your concern. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction and I do stand behind my work.

What about shipping?

I am located in Milwaukee, WI. I ship USPS Priority with Tracking information. I am not responsible for any lost shoes/items or any other mishaps before your items reach my boutique. I do return shoes with signature required and/or insured. Clients are responsible for shipping fees to and from my boutique.

International Shipping

International shipping rates vary greatly. Your country may also charge a Customs Fee,Tariffs, Duties, Taxes and/or Other Fees. The shipping fee and any additional fees charged by your country are your responsibility. Please contact your country's Customs department or postal service to find out in advance what fees and taxes may be imposed by your country. I do not ship to all countries. Please contact me before placing your order for shipping rates and/or to see if shipment is available to your country.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I do take payments and I offer a layaway plan. Please email me for details.

Do you require a deposit?

I do require a $300-$500+ deposit before I can start on your shoes or item. ALL DEPOSIT ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are unable to pay the entire deposit all at once, no worries! We can work out a payment agreement that you can handle. Once you have the deposit obligation fulfilled, I will began the strassing of your shoes. Your shoes will not be released until the entire payment is made and the funds clear my bank. No Exceptions.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept:

  • Personal checks (shoes will not be released nor will I start work until checks clear)
  • Cash (For local customers only. Never send cash in the mail)
  • Paypal  (major credit cards online - 2.9% processing fee)
  • Cash by Square (major credit cards - preferred online payments - no processing fee)
  • Square (major credit cards in-store)
  • Payment Options



    If you have any additional questions, please call or email me. I'd be happy to hear from you!

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